Homilies / Sermons

Scripture lessons for each week may be accessed here: http://lectionarypage.net/



September 15, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Luke 15 – People or Problems?, Audio

September 1, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Living Water and Hospitality, Audio (2 reflections, one after the 1st reading and Psalm, the other after the Epistle and Gospel)

August 25, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Our God is a Consuming Fire, Audio

August 18, Joshua Beckett, running the race, Audio

August 11, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Faith and Faithfulness, Audio 

July 28, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Walking with Christ, Audio

July 21, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Am I maturing in Christ?, Audio 

June 30, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Running with Jesus (2 Kings 2 & Galatians 5), Audio 

June 23, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, God’s care when we are down (1 Kings 19), Audio

June 16, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Barnabas the Apostle: An introduction, Audio 

June 9, Aaron Yenney, Pentecost, Audio 

June 2, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Easter 7 – A Song of Hope: The voice of the slave girl in Acts 16, Audio

May 30, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Ascension Day – The blessing of the human experience, Audio

May 26, Joshua Beckett, Easter 6, Audio

May 19, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, God is making all things new, Audio

May 12, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Psalm 23: Being shepherded in the dark, Audio

April 28, Rev. Golie Haynes, Doubting Thomas, Audio 

April 21, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Resurrection Day, Audio

April 19, Aaron Yenney, Good Friday, Audio

April 18, Joshua Beckett, Maundy Thursday, Audio 

April 7, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, When God does something new, Audio

March 31, 2019, Abbey Craigg, The Prodigal Son parable, Audio

March 24, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Facing our mortality, Audio, Service Bulletin

March 10, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Becoming Human, building connection, Audio

March 3, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Following Jesus down the mountain, Audio, Service Bulletin

February 24, 2019, Joshua Beckett, Joseph and Forgiveness, Audio, Service Bulletin

February 17, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Deep roots of trust, Audio, Service Bulletin

February 10, 2019, Bishop Talton, Cast out your nets once more, Audio, Service Bulletin

February 3, 2019, Abbey Craigg, Audio, Service Bulletin

January 27, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Audio, Service Bulletin

January 13, 2019, Fr. Mark Bradshaw, Our story as God’s poem, Audio, Service Bulletin 

January 6, 2019, Aaron Yenney, Epiphany, Audio, Service Bulletin