The Rev. Mark Bradshaw: Rector.

I have been a member of the St. Barnabas community since 2010, shortly after Katie and I married and moved to Pasadena from Santa Cruz. We have two children, August (5) and Lucy (2), and another baby on the way (due in August). In addition to caring for August and Lucy, I serve as the (half-time) Rector of St. Barnabas. Katie serves as the program director for Girls on the Run, Los Angeles.

Hobbies & Recreation: Hebrew, ice cream, cycling (road and dirt), running, and the occasional triathlon.

Currently reading: White Awake: An honest look at what it means to be white  by Daniel Hill. (I attended Daniel’s church while I lived in Chicago)

A favorite quote: “Live is suffering, we cannot avoid it. If we do not learn how to transform our pain, we will always transmit it – either toward ourselves or others.” – Fr. Richard Rohr

Educational Training: Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA (Graduate Certificate in Anglican Studies). Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA (Masters of Divinity). Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL (Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies). 

Preferred address: Padre, Father, or Pastor (not Rev., please)



Retired Clergy:

The Rev. John Goldingay: Priest-in-Charge Emeritus. Fr. John worshipped with and served at St. Barnabas from 1997 – 2018. He and Kathleen moved to Oxford in April of 2018. Their website can be accessed here.

The Rev. Canon Jamesetta Hammons: Deacon Emeritus



Preaching Team:

(Fr. Mark preaches every other week)

Jeanelle Austin, MDiv.

Joshua Beckett, MDiv, PhD student in Theology.

Abigail Craig, MAT, PhD student in Psychology.

Aaron Yenney, MAT.

St. Barnabas Church Vestry (Board):

  • Althea Williams, Senior Warden
  • Geneva Fulbright, Junior Warden
  • Jonathan Williams, Treasurer
  • Mark Bradshaw, Rector
  • Sylvia Wiggins
  • Susan Daniels
  • Robert Edwards
  • Violet Zacarias
  • Suzanne Brown, Clerk
  • Marco White
  • Pat Edwards

Sunday School

  • Sue Daniels
  • Sylvia Wiggins
  • Katie Bradshaw

Pastoral Care Team ( & Lay Eucharistic Ministers)

  • Robert Edwards, please contact Robert if you would like to arrange a visit or join the group.
  • Deborah Williams
  • Geneva Fulbright
  • Jamesetta Hammons
  • Violet Zacarias
  • Sue Daniels

Altar Guild

  • Sue Daniels
  • Violet Zacarias
  • Althea Williams