Pastoral Care Team

St. Barnabas Pastoral Care Team


Do you often think on Sundays, “I sure miss _______”?


Would you like to become more involved in the life of our church?


Recognizing it may stretch you, can you picture yourself bringing the Eucharist to one of our brothers or sisters who is unable to worship with us on Sunday? Or, discussing the Gospel passage, singing a hymn…


Would this type of visit mean a lot to you if you were unable to come on Sundays?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Jamie or Mark would love to talk with you about possibly joining our pastoral care team.



1) Provide pastoral care for members of the Saint Barnabas congregation who would be present for worship on Sundays if they were not prevented by health, age, etc.

2) Pastoral care team members will update the greater congregation the following Sunday in regards to how our sister or brother is doing.


Description of care: At least one spiritual care visit per month by pastoral care teams of two. A spiritual care visit will include several of the following: reading / discussion of Sunday’s Gospel passage, taking of Eucharist, singing of hymns, update on life of church, time of prayer.


Pastoral Care team: The pastoral care team will consist of members of the St. Barnabas congregation who will visit members of the body who are unable to attend weekly worship gatherings. Members will be equipped for this service by Mark and Jamie prior to being sent out. Training will also include an opportunity to be trained by the diocese as a lay eucharistic minister.


Pastoral care team members will be sent out in groups of two whenever possible. Pastoral care teams (of two), as well as the person each team visits, will ideally consist of persons who generally do not spend time together outside of worship gatherings (for the purpose of nurturing new relationships within the congregation).


Please contact Mark if you would like to serve on this team: (831) 430-6500 /

You are hereby formally, officially and cordially invited to please join us during this our centennial year and beyond (in-person, online, offline and/or Pastoral Care), on our continuing journey of Love, Saint Barnabas Style 🖤