St. Barnabas Parish Survey 2021

Posted By on Mar 6, 2021 |

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Office of Formation and Transition Ministry (OFTM) is helping us conduct the search for a new Rector to step into Fr. Mark’s shoes. They have a well-developed process, which includes creating and publishing a church profile to give prospective clergy an executive summary of who we are, and where we want to go, as a parish.

The first part of developing the church profile is to survey our parishioners. What do you need? What do you want? What does our community need? How is the Spirit moving us, individually and corporately as the Church of Christ?

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We have reviewed past surveys conducted by St. Barnabas, as well as similar surveys being conducted by other Episcopal Parishes for their clergy searches. The survey contains the questions we think are most relevant to our parish and community. Of course, if there is anything you think we missed please love us and God enough to share it!!

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the first few people to take the survey, who had the patience to help us work out the kinks!

We are conducting the survey online because of Covid-19, and because it is easier to get to everyone, easier to complete, and really much easier for us to crunch the numbers when we have all the submissions. Online form completion also reduces data entry errors. We encourage everyone to help anyone who is Internet-challenged, or has no Internet access, to complete their forms. For example, get on the phone, read the questions to them, and fill out the form on their behalf.

It is especially important that we also get surveys out to our extended families that worship elsewhere, but consider themselves still part of the St. Barnabas church family. Whether they worship elsewhere because they have moved away, or because they just prefer the experience in a different church, their wants, needs, opinions and spiritual growth can give us insights in how to keep St. Barnabas relevant to this community in the decades to come.