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Our Sunday Services

Please join us for our in-person full service every Sunday at 9 am and fellowship after the service. We also stream our services on Facebook Live (no login necessary). Don’t forget to please bring a non-perishable food item to service for our free food Pantry! Additionally, please join us for all of our other in-person services, online services, and meetings listed below:

Sunday Morning Service/Prayer

1st & 3rd Wednesday In-Person Evening Prayer and Study

Weekday Evening Prayer

Vespertina los viernes
Sunday Worship at St. Barnabase in Pasadena

We gather together to encourage and uplift one another in Christ, as we have done for 100 years!

You are hereby formally, officially and cordially invited to please join us during this our centennial year and beyond (in-person, online, offline and/or Pastoral Care), on our continuing journey of Love, Saint Barnabas Style 🖤