St. Barnabas Harvest Festival Mass


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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17, 10:15 am

         Plans are being made now to make this a very special event. Get out your brightest clothes to celebrate the Fruits of the Harvest. You won’t want to miss this special service with music and decorations in the traditional Caribbean Style. All proceeds from this special mass will be added to our donation to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund for Hurricane Relief in the Bahamas. Our donation will be sent following this culmination of our collection effort.  At the close of the Mass as traditionally done the fruits and other donations from the Earth will be sold and the proceeds added to the Bahamas donation.

We are recruiting children now to be a part of this special mass.  They will bring to the altar candles and fruit baskets during the middle of the service and the plan is to have them lead the Congregation in the song “One Love” before the Blessing at the end of the Service.  Children will be dressed in traditional Caribbean Harvest Festival Attire.  Boys will be in suits or dress shirts and tie with white gloves, girls will be in full skirted dresses with matching hats and white gloves.  We need to know who will be participating and if anyone needs help with attire.  The church will get the white gloves.  We also have found a source for hats.  All children are welcome to participate including our “youngest children”.

Please contact Sue Daniels 626 793-1649 or Violet Zacarias 818 399-1249 if you have questions.