We remember the saints who have gone before

Posted By on Oct 23, 2021 |

We would like the congregation’s help to update the list of our departed loved ones, whom we will honor in next Sunday’s All Saints service. Please reach out to Althea, Violet, or any vestry member with any additions or corrections.

The following is the list from our 2020 service.

Celeste Anderson 

Art Atkins 

Doris Atkins

Mildred Austin

Zuma Austin 

Harry L. Bailey 

Lois Bailey 

Joe Bailey 

Edna Banks

Leslie Banks

Sammie Banks

Norma Barnes

Rev. Alfred Barber

Rev. Leroy Barber

Louise Bartholomew

Susan Beck

Hattie Blanton

Cecilia Bloomfield

Elizabeth Boone

William Boone 

Eva Baxter 

Maybell Beal

Rev. Patricia Bennett

Betty Benson

Doris Biot

Bishop Frederick Borsch

John Bradshaw

George Branton

Mina Brown 

Dietra Burton

Janet Caldwell

Loretta Calloway

Grace Cargill

Louise Cargill

Doris Carter 

Eric Carter 

Raymond Clark

Zenobia Clark 

Cecil Clayton 

Iris Clayton

Arthur Cleaver Sr.

Arthur Cleaver Jr.

Ava Cleaver

Celestine Cleaver

Emanual Cleaver

Lowell Cleaver

Maude Cleaver

Thomas Cleaver

Audra Cobb 

Bobbye Coleman

Anita Conerly

Hattie Conerly

Leander Conerly

Leon Conerly 

Lerna Conerly

Jack Cosey 

Joyce Cox

Bernice Cummings

Erline Cummings

Sidney Cummings

Alberta Curtis

Claud Curtis

Bobbie Davis

James Davis

Earl Dickerson

Kathryn Dickerson

Anthony Dibrell

Valorie Dibrell 

Hardina Diggs

Kenneth Draver 

Nan Draver 

Leonice Dubin   

Bill Duncan

Flossie Duncan 

Louise Edwards 

Kathryn Fleming

Eddie Foster

Marie Foster

Annie Fulbright

Janice Fulbright

Marshall Fulbright Jr

James W. Glosson

Martina Lyles Glosson

Ann Goldingay

Ethel Green

Leolla Griffin

Richard Hartley

James Hash

Julia Hash

Judy Hash

Cornell Hatchett

Lena Belle Hicks

Lois Hicks

Christopher Hodgson

Esmeralda Hodgson

Rose Dunne Holland

Robin Holland 

Rev. Richard Horton

Gloria Mims Huffman

Heather Fulton

Carrie Hunter

Delroy Hunter

Arnita Jackson

Austin Jacques

Flossie Jacques

Bessie Johnson

Decker Johnson

George Jones 

Charles Jones

Ina Jones 

Melba Jones 

Shirley Jones

Margaret Joseph

Lottie Keith

Laura Kennedy

Lea Leroy

Doris Mackinnon

Joyce MacMurray

Alyce McClelland

Isaac McClelland

Carolyn McCullough

Marva Mcrae 

Claude McDaniel Jr.

Charlotte McShann

Delores Miller 

Claude Mims 

Deloris Mims 

Don L. Mims 

Gloria Mims

Kim Laura Mims 

Leroy Mims Sr. 

Leroy Mims Jr. 

Lillian C. Mims 

Joseph Mims Sr. 

Joseph Mims Jr 

Julian Mims

Patsy Mims 

Rosebud Mims

Lorraine Mitchell

Carolyn Moore

James Moore

Jack Moore

Lora Jacques Moore

Margerie Moore

Rev. Jesse Moses 

Jane Strong Moses

Elizabeth Mounday

Seward Mounday

Faye Nichols

Elizabeth Nicholson

Frank Nicholson

Lucita Nicholson

Stanford Nicholson

Rev. Alfred Norman 

Eddie Norman 

Lorraine Norman

Rev. Ivor Ottley

Amanda Patterson 

Evelyn Peak 

Carl Perry 

Selena Pendelton 

Mozella Perry

Alfonso Pierre

Edna Pierre 

Donny Powell

Hamlet Radcliff

Violet Ratliff 

Carrietta Reynolds 

Terry Reynolds

May Richardson 

Morton Richardson

Cecil Rose 

Miriam Salmon

Maurice Salmon

John Sandoz

Cordelia Scott

Florence Scott

Susie Sheridan

Robert Shotwell

Eddie Mae Shotwell

Mildred Singleton 

Abraham Smalling

Cecilio Smalling

Ivy Smalling

Geneva Spriggs 

John Steven 

Edward Strong 

Maudine Sykes 

Howard Teer 

Kathryn Teer

A.R. Traylor 

Carol Traylor 

Cynthia Traylor 

Mary Traylor 

Hallie Vollinck

Dorothy Wallace

Alfred White 

Roy E. Wiggins

Rev. Alfred Wilkins

Lydia Wilkins

Artis Williams

Carrie E Williams 

Eliza Williams 

Ella Jewell Williams

Harlaviour Williams 

Jonathan Williams Sr 

Linda Norman Williams

Silvester Williams

Willie Williams 

Winifred Williams 

Aldine Young