Episcopal 101

It was five hundred years ago that the Episcopal Church broke off from the Roman Catholic Church.  There were political reasons why that happened, like the fact that King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce and the church wouldn’t give him one, but for many people the problem was that there seemed to be aspects of the Roman Catholic Church that didn’t fit the New Testament, and they wanted to get rid of those aspects of the church.  But that didn’t mean they abandoned the creeds or all the prayers.  They wanted to get back to the early centuries when Christians were pretty much agreed about the Christian faith.

The following 4 sermons (provided in text form) were given in Summer 2012 by the Rev. John Goldingay

1. “What is the Gospel?

2. “What is the Bible?

3. “What do we Believe?

4. “What is an Episcopalian?

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